Cheetah Print Make-up

I feel like cheetah print has really become popular ever since Cece Frey starred on Season 2 of the show, “X Factor.” Granted, Cece was not the singing star of the show, but I feel she did gain exposure due to those daring prints on her face. I can’t really recall them coming into existence {Read More…}

Women’s Hairstyles: The Shaved Side

Hairstyles come and go throughout the decades but one popular look that seems to stay is the “Shaved Side.” I have done this look myself and while it may look cool, it is a b**** to grow out. I happen to think that the longer hair with shaved sides looks hip, sexy, and just plain {Read More…}

Glitter Lips

I first saw this trend on Season 2 of the “X Factor” on Paige Thomas. I thought it was such a different, cool, and sexy look. I had no idea how she got her lips to sparkle like tiny diamonds. I thought, is it a certain brand of lipstick with those built in? Or are {Read More…}