The Ultimate Guide to Smart Tattooing

Decades ago, it was unimaginable for a middle-class man to have a tattoo, and God forbid to even think about getting one if you were a woman in that time. Tattoos were unappealing and those who had them were unsavory-usually prisoners and sailors. But the times have changed together with people‚Äôs attitudes concerning tattoos, so {Read More…}

Laura Anunnaki: Kawaii Tattoo Artist

I am really into Kawaii at the moment and love the cute colorfulness of this style. I have seen other Kawaii tattoo artists’ work, but nothing even comes close to the tattoos of Laura Anunnaki. Of the other artists out there, their Kawaii tattoos are “flat” to me and seem to lack pizazz. Laura’s work {Read More…}

Nose Rings for Beginners

I’ve had my nose pierced for over 5 years and I am just starting to learn about all the differences in gauge sizes and styles. I was honestly clueless nor really cared much for learning more about what I had in my nose, until I thought I lost my nose ring one day. That fateful {Read More…}