My Poem: Beauty is Love & Pain

Being a teacher is hard enough seeing beauty come in all shapes and sizes, as for love has no measure, it doesn’t see that artificial crap, you want beauty…start with loving the darkest parts of yourself. We all love it differently, beauty is always there, as for love, never let a single moment let you {Read More…}

How Being An Outsider Growing Up Shaped My Style Today

I never had a problem with being unique. In fact, I’ve always loved to stand out. It made me feel special. All of my teachers loved me, adults always complimented me on how smart and well-behaved I was, and even some of my classmates’ parents were impressed by me! Sure, being the odd-one-out as a {Read More…}

Undead Teds: Horrifically Dead Teddy Bears

All I have to say is…“I want one or two or three!”  I am totally in love with the creativity of these masterfully crafted, horrific looking teddy bears. What a genius idea! I am drawn to horror and gore; my favorite movie is Killer Klowns from Outer Space (campy horror), so it was easy for {Read More…}

My Embarrassing Moment: I Sharted in My Pants at Panera Bread

So, about 13 years ago, I was with my best friend at Panera Bread. We would hang out all the time and talk about everything with each other. So, this was just like any other day to me, as we were having lunch and gabbing. We ordered our food, although I could not tell you {Read More…}