Cheetah Print Make-up

I feel like cheetah print has really become popular ever since Cece Frey starred on Season 2 of the show, “X Factor.” Granted, Cece was not the singing star of the show, but I feel she did gain exposure due to those daring prints on her face. I can’t really recall them coming into existence before her, so maybe she (or her gay stylist) was the trendsetter? I feel like the cheetah prints would not be here if it weren’t for the original art of face painting.

Cece Frey Cece-Frey

  So, how does one achieve this look? Well, don’t ask me, but ask this fan and she will show you how!

I think the attraction for this pattern by girls is what it symbolizes. A female cheetah is strong, tough, and stands out in a crowd. At times, she can not be tamed, but she is still vulnerable as she does have offspring to protect from other predators. If this type of make-up empowers a woman and reminds her of who she is or who she wants to be, then let her wear these spots proudly. After all, it will wash off…it’s only make-up ya know!

~ Nicole Radtke, Punk Princess

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