Cutesy Nail Polish

It is time to dress up your nails after getting that proper manicure or pedicure! The trend this season has to be cutesy nail polish colors and styles. With pastels being the hit for spring, summer and now fall, many girls are circling their local cosmetic supplier and purchasing these colors and getting the decals that go along with it.

Not only are there tuxedo style nails but there are hearts and crosses as well. The decor is endless. On the website How Does She there are tutorials on how to try cutesy nail polish trends that are so easy to follow, anyone can do it! The parade of colors can fit any personality and the five different stylish nail polish trends are easy to mimic and are very cute! The most popular are those that show your fun side such as smiling faces or tattoo symbols. There are so many to choose from.

Cutesy Nail Polish
Looking on Pinterest, you can find hundreds of styles also. Try this link Cute Nails on Pinterest where you can find 100 different styles. This fall, we can see darker and bolder shades. It matches the grunge makeup look, which seems to be popular still. The lips are dark and the nail color too.

The cutesy nail polish is even in spray form with it called cutesy nail spray. It works as a spray and comes in a spray can. It is simple to use and can eliminate bad nail polish application jobs. The most popular of these spray cans are these products by Nails Inc. Based in Europe, Nails Inc. offers a wide array of hues, all named appropriately such as Elizabeth Bridge, Duchess Walk, York Mews, Mayfair Market, Royal Crescent, Cornwall Gardens, and so much more. You can find it on their website or can be found reviewed on Refinery29 which is very convenient. It can quickly replace good old fashioned nail polish.

This fall, keep an eye for this product and the many cutesy nail polishes and designs that will envelop the red carpet of Hollywood and on social media and the internet.

~ Veronica Felipe, Punk Princess

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