Glitter Lips

Paige Thomas Glitter LipsI first saw this trend on Season 2 of the “X Factor” on Paige Thomas. I thought it was such a different, cool, and sexy look. I had no idea how she got her lips to sparkle like tiny diamonds. I thought, is it a certain brand of lipstick with those built in? Or are they manually putting those on one by one? Until I did research, I figured out they they are glued on. Personally, love this look for performances or one time events where you need to stand out from the crowd.

Would I wear this look everyday? Na-uh. I don’t want to eat glue or glitter because it would eventually get into your mouth. I am one who wears lipstick, it dries on my lips, I end up biting my lips and removing any lipstick I had put on. It is vicious cycle, lipstick and me.

What I love is that you can really experiment with different colors and mix and match. I would think that you could even “bedazzle” your lips with big jewels you could buy at craft stores. I think there is a lot of creativity to be had and have fun with it.

Wanna get this look? Here is a tutorial of how to get “Ruby Red Glitter Lips.”

~ Nicole Radtke, Punk Princess

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