Pro Tips for Unleashing Your Inner Supermodel at the Beach

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Although the summer is almost over (can you believe it, though?), we’ll still try and steal a few more sunny days to parade our bronze gorgeousness around the beach, won’t we? Sure! And even though we’ve all been (actively or passively) obsessing about getting our beach body quickly so we can strut confidently around the beach, in the end – things actually came down to that awesome circular meme: “have a body and go to the beach” … And, add a few accessories to it, we’d say.

So, gathering fashion tricks and hacks that work their magic when it comes to having the perfect beach presentation, we’ve put together a list you’ll definitely want to use next time you head to the beach.

Rock a turban

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If there was one single accessory we’d have to pick among all the others and save for the rainy (fashion) days, it would be the turban. Incredibly stylish, sleek and exotic, evocative of the Far East and the mystique it brings, a turban will definitely bring your game up to a whole different level. You can wear it with a beach kimono, beach wrap or a cape – it sure will grab the looks! Whether your personal style is more quirky or on the sophisticated side, wear your turban in a number of patterns, colors or graphic prints, or opt for a single, pastel or plain color. We love the idea of earthy colors for a turban – anything from milk white, eggshell, ocher, mustard yellow and emerald green to muted bronze, earth brown and deep green works perfectly.

Wear a cape


A cape is a cape is a cape… well, no it’s not – not from where we stand. In case you haven’t noticed (but we’re sure you have), everyone’s obsessed with capes these days no matter the occasion or style. From pairing them with athleisure to rocking them on galas, capes serve a fabulous purpose – they give the outfit a luxurious flair all while covering those “extra” parts. Worn at the beach? Sublime! Purchase your one piece swimwear, and pair it up with a cape. You will look extremely deluxe, especially if you opt for a catchy color or a see-through variant. For the effect of a bomb shell, wear a cape with a bikini under, and you are good to go.

Trust your wrap

Similarly effective as the cape, a wrap is a toned-down, less glamorous version for the beach that’s easy to wear, comfy and yet – very chic. You can wear it as a wrap skirt around the hips, a wrap dress tied around the neck in a crisscross manner or as an overcoat, covering your shoulders and letting it flow behind you as you walk around the beach. Paired with a turban? Magnificent!

Go for layered jewelry

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There’s hardly anything as exotic for a summer beach look as layered jewelry! Although we normally rock all kinds of jewelry combos (when we are fully clothed, yes), when we pair it with that barely-there bikini that makes the body look insane or any of the gorgeous one piece swimwear options we choose, the jewelry makes all the difference! We love gold layered necklaces (the sunrays and yellow sand reflect so perfectly off them) and thin, gold hoop earrings. A golden choker (or any other choker paired with a swimsuit, really) looks insane!

Rely on makeup

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No, not full makeup, and not anything that could clog your skin during the hot summer days. We were thinking something like waterproof mascara to give your eyes a wonderful pop and a cute lip gloss with an SPF. The mascara will work its magic, especially on blonde girls (we know how washed away we can look during summer days), while the lip gloss will add volume to your pout and wet the salt-dried lips. You’ll look natural and stunning!

~ Claire Hastings, Punk Princess


  1. Love your post…..I’m sad my summer vacation has just ended but I’ll keep your great tips for my hopefully soon beachy vacation

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