Skin Care Rules for After 40

While we should start taking care of our skin as early as possible. The fact is, once we reach forty, our skin simply needs more attention and care than before. And not only do we need to add certain products to our daily routine, but it’s also necessary to use different products than we did in our twenties. There are certain rules every forty-year-old should follow in order to keep their skin young, firm and healthy as long as possible.

Overall lifestyle
A skin care routine should do more than just prevent blemishes, irregularities or damage; it’s also about repair and maintenance. However, no matter how many expensive products we use daily, if our overall lifestyle is unhealthy it’s going to show on our skin. For example, not only is smoking unhealthy for the whole body, lungs especially, but it will leave a permanent trace on the skin as well. Not only do we pucker our mouth when smoking which leads to lines around the mouth but we also tend to squint because of the smoke with leads to getting crow’s feet because of the muscle tension around the eyes. Unhealthy food will lead to oily skin while not getting enough liquids will lead to pasty, dry skin. Healthy diet filled with fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and grains along with proper hydration will result in fresh-looking, healthy skin.

When it comes to skin care, regular use of sunscreen is a must. Sun protection with an SPF of at least 30 should become a part of a daily routine. Not only does sunscreen slow down premature aging and wrinkles but most importantly, it reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Daily routine
In case you don’t wish to use a separate sunscreen, it’s a good idea to at least use makeup or moisturizer with added sun protection as a part of your daily routine. Daily routine should include washing your face with a gentle cleanser both in the morning and evening and a moisturizer should be applied after every washing. It’s also a good idea to use a non-drying toner to close the pores and prevent any possible breakouts.

Other products
As we age, our skin gradually becomes drier and this means that our skin will need some thicker creams. It’s not a bad idea to use an additional hydrating serum to really get as much moisture to our skin as possible. There are also plenty of firming serums like the ones Ultraceuticals has which will smooth out wrinkles and improve firmness.

A good eye cream is another thing to consider. While not every skin-type might need it, in case there are some fine wrinkles around the eyes or if dark circles start showing, an eye cream can boost collagen and smooth out the wrinkles and help fade out the darkness around the eyes.

As we grow old, collagen levels decrease and elastin production slows down so it’s necessary to use collagen-boosting products like different antioxidant serums. Not only are antioxidant serums filled with vitamin C which helps with line-plumping but they also help in preventing any damage that might be caused by UV rays.

Another thing to consider is using an exfoliating cream once a week for dry skin or twice a week for oily skin. Exfoliation will help smooth out any fine lines and also help your skin to absorb any moisturizers and creams better. In order to have really clean and clear skin, it’s recommended to steam your face and apply a face mask on a weekly basis.

So, if you’re approaching forty, or you’re already there, it’s time to kick out any bad habits and take it up a notch when it comes to your skin care. By properly taking care of your skin, not only will you look younger but you’ll feel younger, healthier and happier.

~ Diana Smith, Punk Princess

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