How Being An Outsider Growing Up Shaped My Style Today

I never had a problem with being unique. In fact, I’ve always loved to stand out. It made me feel special. All of my teachers loved me, adults always complimented me on how smart and well-behaved I was, and even some of my classmates’ parents were impressed by me! Sure, being the odd-one-out as a {Read More…}

The Kawaii Craze

Well, it seems like Japan’s fashion style of Kawaii, Harajuku, Manga, and Anime have made it to the U.S. and I can tell you they are here to stay. We have really been influenced by Japan’s creative and inspiring style; as I see charms, jewelry, hair accessories, fashion, stickers, and even tattoos everywhere I turn. {Read More…}

Early Fall Trend: Flannel Dipped Dye Shirts

It is almost time to cozy up in a flannel shirt. There are so many DIYs out there on dipping and dying flannel shirts. Nothing is like it when you purchase a dipped dyed flannel at a local clothing chain like Urban Outfitters or Zumiez. The whole experience of wearing a dipped dyed flannel is {Read More…}

Project Gothic Girls

In every cartoon character, there grows a following; this is what’s happening with Goth girls in cartoons. Many girls, especially younger girls, can relate to their emo style of dress. Whether they wear black tights with miniskirts, have black slicked straight back hair in a sleek ponytail, or carry symbolic bags that resemble more of {Read More…}

Body Parts and Swimsuits Collide!

It is coming up on swimsuit season, so why not show off ALL your body parts! I appreciate art and Black Milk Clothing delivers just that in it’s swimsuits. Any punky girl would love these amazing pieces but a lot of them are no longer made and are indicated so on Black Milk’s website. The bathing suits are {Read More…}