Tales From The Dark Side: Grunge Makeup

There is no other way to examine it, but the nineties seems to be the decade with the darkest edgiest beauty trends. Whether it be plaid shirts over dark pants or a different looking shade of plum on the lips, the craziest of colors in makeup has achieved what every girl wanted, a “bad side.” {Read More…}

Cheetah Print Make-up

I feel like cheetah print has really become popular ever since Cece Frey starred on Season 2 of the show, “X Factor.” Granted, Cece was not the singing star of the show, but I feel she did gain exposure due to those daring prints on her face. I can’t really recall them coming into existence {Read More…}

Glitter Lips

I first saw this trend on Season 2 of the “X Factor” on Paige Thomas. I thought it was such a different, cool, and sexy look. I had no idea how she got her lips to sparkle like tiny diamonds. I thought, is it a certain brand of lipstick with those built in? Or are {Read More…}