Food Inspired Jewelry

There is cuteness in jewelry these days with the creation of food inspired jewelry. They can be small pizzas, a cup of coffee, or even doughnuts. These jewelry pieces are headed to becoming a trendy accessory. There are many food inspired jewelry makers, especially with independent online markets like Etsy, ArtFire, or Big Cartel. They {Read More…}

Project Gothic Girls

In every cartoon character, there grows a following; this is what’s happening with Goth girls in cartoons. Many girls, especially younger girls, can relate to their emo style of dress. Whether they wear black tights with miniskirts, have black slicked straight back hair in a sleek ponytail, or carry symbolic bags that resemble more of {Read More…}

Rainbow Hair

I wonder how Rainbow hair came to be? Maybe a unicorn was flying in the sky and pooped on someone’s head? Well, however it got started, it has staying power, that’s for sure. You can get really crazy and extreme with your whole head or you can do rainbow color midway to the end of {Read More…}

Women’s Hairstyles: The Shaved Side

Hairstyles come and go throughout the decades but one popular look that seems to stay is the “Shaved Side.” I have done this look myself and while it may look cool, it is a b**** to grow out. I happen to think that the longer hair with shaved sides looks hip, sexy, and just plain {Read More…}