Tales From The Dark Side: Grunge Makeup

Grunge MakeupThere is no other way to examine it, but the nineties seems to be the decade with the darkest edgiest beauty trends. Whether it be plaid shirts over dark pants or a different looking shade of plum on the lips, the craziest of colors in makeup has achieved what every girl wanted, a “bad side.” Not all makeup trends are the same.

Grunge makeup is actually dark colors that are dedicated to the rock scene from that decade on. Nirvana and Pearl Jam gave us a great representation of youth, with their core rock music that seemed to blast from every radio station. Grunge was in a sense, an excuse to not conform, but to rebel; and rebellion in youth was okay.

In any way they could, girls emptied the beauty counters and looked at themselves to self-improve the movement. Constantly changing with the times, the world does makes changes, and trends are a part of that. The grunge scene was never as famous as today though, with school girls coloring their hair in every different shade of color, like pastel or neon.

The grunge was fairly legal when it came to sharing the inspiration for girls to paint their hair. What else is trendy about that decade? Piercing. The nose ring is as cool as getting Henna on your hands. The nose ring serves as a way for teens to be motivated to spread the message that youth is king.

The concept behind grunge was to build a whole army of youth that wanted to individualize or conceptualize the power of culture and the independent style. Teens in a good mood elevated the trend, while those that decided to follow the pop scene were desperate to get angry. Instead of getting angry, many of these grunge teens were grateful for a voice and even in grunge style that can make anyone stop and check out their appearance.

Dark MakeupGrunge makeup is forgiving. You can wear a darker liner on your lips and you can have a smoky grey eye; this enlightens the face and makes it okay to go dark. The plain observation of it all is that young girls can think for themselves and they didn’t have to settle for awful recognition.

The hairstyles were not under satisfactory but a way to mess your hair and go bed head style or wet style that seemed to turn around the whole thing. Grunge hair complimented grunge makeup. Even drug store makeup was perfect to use. There was Bonne Bell, Cover Girl, Maybelline or L’ Oreal that can cost one dollar or ten dollars.

The makeup was meaningful and made a face important even if the makeup was inexpensive. In fact, inexpensive makeup can still make a face edgy, dark, and beautiful. The impact that this trend can have is the darkness. In its own domain, the people did not choose the makeup, the makeup chose them. It was really a calling for an all-around balanced look.

~ Veronica Felipe, Punk Princess

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