Women’s Hairstyles: The Shaved Side

Hairstyles come and go throughout the decades but one popular look that seems to stay is the “Shaved Side.” I have done this look myself and while it may look cool, it is a b**** to grow out. I happen to think that the longer hair with shaved sides looks hip, sexy, and just plain badass. You can wear your hair at just about any length, style, or color. This is truly an art form and not just any old person can pull of this look. You will need confidence, a good shaped head (sounds weird I know), nice ears (as they will be prominet), and I nice jaw line.

Shaved Heads

Some things I would think about while wearing this style are:

☠   Clear skin (acne is a friend to no one and the shorter the hair, people will be drawn to your face)

☠   Make-up (this style may border on a lesbian vibe, so if you do not want to be perceived as such, then wear make-up to add a touch of girly)

What I find interesting is when sweet, meek, and mild celebs shed their demure side for the wild one. Case in point: Selma Blair and Miley Cyrus. I love the asymmetrical look with Selma’s long and short sides. This is not a look that I ever thought she would rock, but she does. We all know Miley is no longer a young teen, as it is apparent with her current lifestyle. She became a bit naughty after she cut her hair in which we’ve seen a whole new side of her.

Shaved Celeb Heads

Some transformations are quite shocking when you see hair go from one extreme to another. What I would always remember is that hair grows out! I feel as if hair is used as a blanket, a shield, a protector and it should not hide your body, but enhance it. I am a firm believer in cutting, shaving, or razor edging your hair. Have fun with it! In the below video, a model goes from a sidecut with long hair to an undercut with short hair. This is a brave girl, but she looks great!

~ Nicole Radtke, Punk Princess

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